ANNOUNCEMENT: We Aim Not To Break Your Heart, But We Are Going Dark

Greetings, Swallowers.

Recently, plot details on Halo 5: Guardians have been leaked by an anonymous source. Although we will obviously not describe the leaks themselves in this post, we must inform all of you that until the day of October 27, 2015, HaloSwallower will be in hibernation. We will still have our regular blog post schedule, but we will not respond to any attempts of contact, will not check our notifications, and will keep all presence on the internet to a minimum. As the title says, this is not aimed to disappoint all of you, but rather as a means of protecting ourselves from having Halo 5 spoiled before we can even play it.

Furthermore, because of the gravity of these leaks, we strongly recommend all of you to likewise disconnect yourselves from the web. Sure, feel free to keep up with the hype, but make sure you avoid any place where you could accidentally stumble upon a spoiler. Whether that’s on Twitter, Facebook, online forums, or YouTube comments.

As the Unggoy say, “Stay away, live another day.”



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