NEWS: Spartan Locke Has No Chill

The last few days of Halo 5: Guardians news have told us many things. We’ve received new gameplay on Sanghelios, another vidoc on campaign, and the confirmation that Forge and Custom Games will use dedicated servers (which is apparently something worth bitching about but whatever). However, in light of that all, one Halo 5 tidbit has stood out:

Spartan Jameson Locke has no chill.

In the Halo 5 campaign vidoc we previously mentioned, a brief snippet of a cinematic shows the Master Chief and Blue Team confronting a lone Jameson Locke. As you may see in the image below, where Master Chief and Blue Team all have their weapons stowed away, Locke is aiming his Battle Rifle at his confronters, ready to defend himself against the dangerously calm and hazardously unarmed foes approaching him.

No chill.

HaloSwallower reached out to the Warden Eternal for any insight as to why Spartan Locke lost his chill. Here is his response:

I am the Warden Eternal, keeper of the Domain and her secrets. HaloSwallower is called, but you [reader of this article]…your passage is denied.

Warden Eternal has no chill either.


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