THEORY: Is Jerome-092 From HALO WARS Actually Jeremy Wade From RIVER MONSTERS?

In Halo Wars, and in the upcoming Halo Wars 2, Spartan II Red Team was composed of Douglas-042, Alice-130, and Jerome-092. However, based off an astounding set of evidence, Jerome-092 may actually be the host of Animal Planet’s River Monsters, Jeremy Wade.

The first set of evidence suggesting the irrefutable connection between Jerome-092 and Jeremy Wade is the fact that Jerome and Jeremy both start with the same three letters. J, E, and R. Look at the alphanumeric roots of those letters. In the modern English alphabet, J is the tenth letter, E is the fifth letter, and R is the eighteenth letter. Add all of those numbers up, and you get thirty-three.

Why is that significant?

It’s significant because of you add 59 to 33, you get 92. That is the same as Jerome-092.

The second set of evidence is how Jerome from Jerome-092 and Jeremy from Jeremy Wade are both spelled with six letters. If you add up all the letters, you get twelve from both of them. This is not a connection to he ignored because if you ignore a connection, you ignore the evidence.

Now, let’s look at personality. Jerome-092 sexually identifies as a Sniper. In combat, he uses either a Sniper Rifle or a Spartan Laser. Jeremy Wade, being an Extreme Angler and Biologist (and Underwater Detective and Explorer and Freshwater Investigator and everything else he says which changes from season to season), uses a fishing rod. In a way, a Sniper Rifle strongly resembles a fishing rod. Not to mention, sniping a target from a long range is kinda like catching a fish from far away.

To sum it up, although we really don’t want to make this pun, but you all know that this theory is well-hooked.


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