The Fresh Lasky Of Corbulo

Now, this is a legend all about how

My career got flipped-turned upside down

And I’d like to take a minute

Just sit there yo

I’ll tell you how I became the Lasky of Corbulo


In New Harmony was born and raised

In my basement playin’ Halo I spent most of my days

Winnin’ games levelin’ up all cool

And shootin’ up some Grunts outside of the school

When some wanna be pros who thought they was fame

Started makin’ trouble in my match-made game

I got in one little 1v1 and my momma got the hive

She says “you’re going to Corbulo without Xbox Live”


I begged and pleaded with her day after day

But she packed my suit case and sent me astray

She bought me a ticket and took me up to a Frigate

I stepped onboard and said “I might as well kick it.”


First class, it’s not a bad dream

Drinkin’ chocolate milk out of a rifle magazine

Is this what the UNSC living like?

Hoorah, this might be a good fight


But wait I hear they’re haters, oppressors all that

Is this the type of place that they send this Tomcat?

I don’t think so

I’ll see when I arrive though

I hope they be trained for the Lasky of Corbulo


Well, the Frigate landed and when I came out

There was a crazy Marine with an MA5 out

I ain’t no innie, can’t you see?

I’m the future captain of the Infinity!

I sprang with quickness like slipspace, and disappeared


I whistled for a Warthog and when it came near

The liscence plate said “Fresh” and had obsidian on the mirror

If anything I could say that this Hog not normal yo

But I pushed the thought away and said “take me to Corbulo!”


I got to the academy about seven or eight

And I yelled to the Hog, “Hope I don’t drive you, mate!’

I looked at my kingdom

Here I am yo

To sit on my throne as the Lasky of Corbulo


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