NEWS: Grim BrotherOne Confirms That He IS Indeed A Precursor

A month ago, we published a theory pondering over the highly plausible possibility of 343 Industries writer, Jeff Easterling (commonly known as Grim BrotherOne) being a Precursor disguised as a human. This theory was very well-received by the Halo community, and praised as “One of the most mind-blowing theories of all time” by IGN.

And now, just yesterday, it turns out that we were indeed correct. Grim BrotherOne, on twitter, CONFIRMED that he is actually a Precursor! Here’s the whole conversation:

As you may be able to read, Grim not only confirmed that early access to Forza 6 Ultimate Edition preorders may take precedence over him releasing the upcoming Canon Fodder, but also he is indeed a Precursor and that doing so is part of his agenda as a Precursor.

“HaloSwallower hits the nail on the head again” -IGN


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