ANNOUNCEMENT: HaloSwallower Is Now On Facebook!

Greetings, Swallowers

Throughout the countless generations in which we’ve carefully tended the satiric roots of Halo, we’ve always used Twitter as our primary social media outlet. That statistic is not one that will change. Not now, not then, not ever. For although Twitter has plenty of stuff that makes us question our willingness to serve the Mantle of Responsiswallowty, information manages to spread much faster there.

However, as of yesterday (or the day before), the mightily less mighty Facebook has now been added to our warriors bred to spread our content. That means the next time you get on Facebook (whenever that may be), feel free to type in “HaloSwallower” into the search bar and give us a like!

We currently have two likes at the time of writing this sentence and they’re both HaloSwallower members. As you may conclude, that’s not particularly widespread. In fact, the most distur–

Yeah, so just…just go ahead and like us on Facebook. Here’s a linky.


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