THEORY: Is The Tornado Gun The Truest Way To Defeat The Flood?

First seen in a legendary thread on Halo Waypoint‘s forums, the TORNADO GUN is the most revered weapon in the Halo universe. Before we begin, here is a quote of the original post:

a new gun idea i came up with wat if there was a gun that when you shot a mini tornado would form? it would drag your enemies and suck anything in it. the tornado by itself wont hurt u but all the stuff that gets sucked in will.
the tornado would only go in a strait line and would last for 10-15 seconds

There are two things to conclude here. One, all of our faith in knowledge and life itself have been shattered. Shattered, crumbled, obliterated–either way it’s gone. Second, this means that the Tornado Gun is a weapon of tremendous, near-mythical power. Kinda like the Halo Array, but much more deadly. (Weapongasm)

Anyway, how might the power of the Tornado Gun impact the Haloverse? All evidence gently caresses it towards it being the truest way–the only way–to defeat the Flood. Nothing can stand against the power of 10-15 seconds of Tornado power, especially when surrounding debris are thrown at targets. HOW COULD THE FLOOD STAND A CHANCE?

They can’t.

Original Tornado Gun thread


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