NEWS: 343 Delays Halo 5 To Allow More Warzone Advertisement

Sudden unrest has struck Halo fans far and wide, as of last night. That is because, in a shocking public relations statement, 343 Head Franchise Director Frank O’Connor announced that the release date of Halo 5: Guardians has been delayed by a full three years. Fans will now have to wait until October 30, 2018, to get their Dorito-stained hands on Halo 4‘s sequel.

As to why this delay has occurred, O’Connor stated that the reason was to “Allow us [343 Industries] more time to shove Warzone down your throats.”

Fans, however, were not satisfied. Countless online forums, including Beyond Entertainment, Halo Archive, and, have broken into disarray (Beyond has put even 4chan to shame). In fact, the only forum that hasn’t succumbed to anarchy is Halo Waypoint—and that’s just because the moderators had already banned all 55,000(?) members for linking to information 343 accidentally released under the assumption it was okay to discuss.

“It’s pure chaos,” a Microsoft spokesperson said on Xbox Wire, “I can’t go anywhere to discuss Halo without being attacked by rogue Pepes!!!”

O’Connor later confirmed that the delay also serves to allow development time in order to replace the campaign mode with a 15 mission Warzone trailer.


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