NEWS: Swords Of Sanghelios Changes Name To Ninjas Of Sanghelios

Amidst a time when his species are still plunged in civil war, the Arbiter, Thel ‘Vadam had announced plans to change his faction’s name from the “Swords of Sanghelios” to the “Ninjas of Sanghelios.” This change came about after the Arbiter enlisted a thorough study of human history, where he learned that his own society was remarkably similar to that of ancient Japanese humans. In fact, Thel ‘Vadam even went as far as to state that “It seems as if our own world was forged from writers of poor creativity, that they would instead mimic their own history than seek their own imaginations.”

Being a strong supporter of humankind, and knowing that his survival is dependent on the will of human writers, ‘Vadam then announced his plans to rename his faction at his keep in State ‘Vadam.

This has not come without resistance.

N’tho ‘Sraom, a string supporter of the Arbiter’s cause, wondered “What the living fuck is [the Arbiter] smoking to think that his life is waged by human writers?”

Usze ‘Taham simply felt that he did not like the name ‘ninja.’ “Swords of Sanghelios was so much more bad ass,” ‘Taham said.

Jul ‘Mdama, a known foe of both the Arbiter and humanity alike, however, praised this change. In an interview with FOX News, ‘Mdama said that “Thel ‘Vadam has done the right thing, he has named his faction after imaginary and sacrilegious beliefs, which will do well to make him look like an idiot.”

FOX News then proceeded to explain to Jul why “Gay marriage is the reason the Guardians are currently noscopeing the Galaxy,” upon which Jul rightfully fired Song of Retribution‘s glassing beam upon FOX’s facility, thus wiping that horrible blight from existence.

The change is due to officially occur in three weeks.


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