THEORY: Will Tanaka Actually Become Appreciated By Fans?

If anyone would doubt that Spartan Holly Tanaka is the most under-appreciated, least cherished Spartan in Halo 5: Gahdeeans, they’re a complete idiot. Seriously, Tanaka has had only 48 comic book pages worth of exploration (well there is the Absolute Record arc of Escalation but whatever), and a very small share of advertisement compared to the rest of Fireteam Osiris. Because of that, where fans are all ready to fight to the death over who will play as Locke, Buck, or Vale, no one seems to give a rat’s ass over who plays as Tanaka.

Considering that Tanaka has extended motion tracker range, it’s just stupid not to fight over that.

But anyway, since Tanaka is under-appreciated, we can only wonder if that statistic will ever change. Naturally, it might change when Halo 5 releases. However, to ensure an equal distribution of bloodshed among all of the characters, Tanaka being appreciated before the game releases would be much more attractive. So let’s look at the possibilities:

  • The rest of Halo: Escalation somehow makes Tanaka more interesting. This, however, will require the artists for the comic to actually put effort into their goddamn artwork (and not make shit that even Andycu5’s 5 year-old cousin could surpass using glue and macaroni). Worse, the last issue of Escalation‘s Absolute Record arc releases after Halo 5. So there ya go.
  • Tanaka is given more advertisement before Halo 5 launches. She is seen in more trailers, given more focus in vidocs, and appears more frequently in promotional artwork. However, as society has taught us, the appearance of a non-white woman in any commercial, poster, or whatever is just appalling to the abundance of racist, sexist folks around the globe, and could (for some fucking ridiculous reason) cause controversy. Yes, that has actually happened.

Those are the two options. They’re not horrible, but they’re not great either. The important thing is that Tanaka receives more appreciation before Halo 5 launches, because 343 needs to have fans beat the shit out of each other over all characters.

And also because having each character be meaningful and likable to fans during the hype train is just a nice thing to do.


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