THEORY: Is GreenleafCM Actually Kelly-087?

Referenced more than once in GrimBrother One’s Canon Fodder, GreenleafCM a is community member that’s sprung themselves into the spotlight. As for how she did this, it was from an innately controversial thread on Halo Waypoint‘s forums called “The Systematic Erasure of Blue Team.” In this thread, GreenleafCM explained her (not entirely non-irrational) fears of Blue Team being eventually killed-off by 343—the reaction to this thread even alerted the attention (and ridicule) of 343 themselves. In fact, GrimBrother One posted an absolutely hilarious gif into the thread (because he’s A MOTHERF*CKING PRECURSOR), and Catalog likewise systematically erased any basis for GreenleafCM’s arguement.

When the dust cleared, and when the score was settled (that 343 is not, in fact, systematically erasing Blue Team), one can only ask why, just why, GreenleafCM would create such a web-ruffling thread. Because honestly, WHY?!?!?!

The answer is because GreenleafCM is actually Kelly-087.

To start off, look at the motives for the thread in the first place. Part of human nature is doing all that’s possible to survive all of life’s bullshit. By assuming the form of a forum user, and then creating a thread raising hell about the possibility of Blue Team (which Kelly is a member of) being wiped from the map, and then furiously defending her arguement, Kelly-087 would successfully show 343 that there are plenty of people who care fiercely about Kelly. People who would rather face public ridicule than see her die. In essence, she’d be scaring 343 into making sure she isn’t forgotten by future media, yet at the cost of her status as a level-headed and well-reasoned forum user.

Another reason suggesting that GreenleafCM is Kelly-087 is because of how Greenleaf’s avatar on Waypoint is actually a picture of Kelly-087. Why else would one use a picture of Blue Team’s awesomist member as their avatar if not because one is Blue Team’s awesomist member? Seriously.

This is Petroleum Janecek and thenks for watching Hunt the Truth


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