In This Time Of Uncertainty, HaloSwallower Needs Your Help

Greetings, our friends and followers,

We’ve been swallowing Halo through 100% factual news and entirely plausible theories for the past month and a half, and this has been no easy journey. For every experience we’ve shared with you all, we’ve found challenge after challenge—sometimes loss after loss. Our most recent journey has been expanding into YouTube, and this has undoubtedly been a path fraught with peril.

Our greatest peril in this path of YouTube (and it’s not Path Kethona) has been finding a way to properly edit videos. We’ve tried OpenShot, Windows Movie Maker, and even the horrifyingly buggy iMovie. None of those have sufficed.

That’s only the beginning. Our narrator Elliot, can no longer edit videos. This is a result of personal changes in schedule, and cannot he shared publicly. Thankfully, he can still do narrations. But as for editing videos, that has now fallen under the quills of Andy.

And Andy isn’t very well equipped. As stated, OpenShot and iMovie don’t work well. He’s started using a 30 day trial of Camtasia Studio, which works terrifically. It’s got above and beyond video and audio editing, and an extremely nice screen recording function. However, the full version costs $300 USD. That means we only have 30 days until our YouTube content once again return to limbo.

And thus, we need your help.

In order to obtain Camtasia, we need funds. If you’d like to donate to us in our fundraiser to be able to purchase Camtasia Studio, please visit our donate page. Follow the listed steps, donate any amount you with, and go forth with the knowledge that you’ve helped us live another day.

Thank you for your appreciation and dedication to HaloSwallower, and we’ll see you in the Divine Beyond.



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