NEWS: Halo 5 Won’t Have Splitscreen, But Halo Wars 2 Will

The time for rejoice and celebration has came for ‘couch gamers.’ That is because minutes after its revelation at Gamescon 2015, 343 Industries announced that Halo Wars 2 will have FULL splitscreen support—up to eight players, that is. After the presentation, Xbox headboss Phil Spencer gave some astonishing details about Halo Wars 2‘s splitscreen capabilities.

We’ve been thinking about Halo Wars 2 since 2010. But now, in 2015, we’re enthralled with enthusiasm to announce it, and its splitscreen. When we say splitscreen, we’re not just talking about your traditional experience. We’ll be allowing up to EIGHT players, and each screen will run at a STAGGERING 5 FPS!

The announcement for both Halo Wars 2, and it’s innovative splitscreen support, has rocked the fanbase into excitement. It was six years (six long years) since Halo Wars. And now its sequel is finally at hand.

And Andycu5 was right this whole time.


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