THEORY: Is The Contender-Class AI From Escalation Actually Google Chrome?

Out of all Forerunner artificial intelligences, none are more so powerful and sexy than the voluptuously terrific Contender-class. With rippling abs, and a Jimmy Neutron-tier digital brain, Contenders could even outsmart Graveminds and control entire Forerunner defense networks with barely a whim. So far, the Halo universe has beheld the glory of three Contenders: Mendicant Bias, Offensive Bias, and Enduring Bias. However, as of the latest issue of Halo: Escalation, there may be a fourth.

Some have stated that this new Contender may just be Offensive Bias. Although that’s a sound conclusion, it doesn’t take into account how Offensive Bias was created by Bungie, and how the scoundrels at 343i obviously want to erase all of Bungie’s legacy (despite bringing back Blue Team after 14 years of absence from games, returning the Arbiter into the games, taking the player to Sanghelios for the first time in the games, and doing a wealth of meaningful work for the universe that expands it in ways previously unimaginable). Thus, the safest conclusion is that this Contender is not Offensive Bias, but something new.

But who?

The answer could be Google Chrome. As most may know, Google Chrome is the widely popular webbrowser employed and produced by Google Incorporated (plz dun sue us Googal), which runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Another version of Chrome, Chromium, is an open-source variant that’s frequently used by Linux users. Let’s see how Chrome compares to Contender-class AI’s:

  • Chrome possesses the ability to watch and manipulate millions of users at once without a struggle, Contenders can control entire Forerunner networks without a struggle
  • Chrome is to Internet Explorer (lol) as a Contender is to a malfunctioning, stupendous, and incomplete Constructor Sentinel
  • Contenders have been known (such as Mendicant Bias) to defect against their masters, which results devistating, near-extinction inducing consequences; Chrome betrays its users by recording their porn browsing and tailoring ads accordingly, which results in public YouTube viewing sessions being kicked off by Game of War ads featuring half-naked women

And that’s not even the main set of evidence. The most shocking detail suggesting that this new Contender is Google Chrome is how the Chrome Logo matches with the physical carapace of the Contender itself. Take a look at this shot right here:

As you can see, the Contender AI shares three of the same colors as the Chrome logo. Blue, green, and yellow. The only color it doesn’t have is red, but that’s okay because red isn’t a real color and is just a government conspiracy. Either way, there’s not a single possible doubt that this Contender-class Ancilla is most certainly, most definitely Google Chrome.

Chromium Bias is watching you wank, Reclaimers!

*Original concept provided by Haloscout119 at the Halo Archive forums*


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