NEWS: Fight Reported Between Jul And Halsey Over What To Watch On Netflix

The latest update on the ‘Julsey’ shipping has taken an unexpected turn. Just in the latest issue of Halo: Escalators, released on July 29, Jul ‘Mdama and Catherine Halsey broke out into a physical fight on the bridge of the CAS Song of Retribution over what to watch on Netflix before heading to the Absolute CD-ROM. The fight was observed by an Unggoy named Fapyap, who has shared the following details with HaloSwallower.

According to Fapyap, Jul insisted that they should watch Breaking Bad. However, Halsey disagreed—stating that she’d rather watch House of Cards. Seconds later, as the two individuals stared each other down, absolutely horrified that they’d disagree over something as petty as Netflix, Jul accidentally spilled his coffee (and we’re at loss over why he wanted coffee before bedtime) on Halsey’s lab coat. Halsey then punched Jul in the mandibles with her remaining arm, and then Jul proceeded to grab her by the throat and throw her against the wall. Once the fight was over, Jul said “I regret lobbing off your arm for you,” and then slept on the couch.

HaloSwallower has asked Fapyap how he feels about the fight, and he responded with surprising (meaning something other than “It is not my place to question the Didact’s Hand”) rhetoric:

It’s just shocking. Me mean, Halsey and Jul be always happy productive together. Fapyap not like.

In response to the fight, Jul and Halsey have sought counseling and are now finding ways to work out their differences in TV shows. They have agreed to instead contemplate the universe and search for ghosts by watching the static, unused channels. That’s all for now.

Previously on AMC’s Breaking Bad


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