NEWS: GameSpot Teases Halo Wars 2 With Picasso-Tier Poster

Some doubt its existence, others have the audacity and the courage to publicly hope for it. And some others, easily the bravest members of the human race, have the strength and the endurance and the willpower to conclude that it does, indeed, exist. That is, the potential existence of Halo Wars 2.

And according to a recent tweet by GameSpot, that rumor may soon be a reality. Here’s the tweet:

Nothing is certain at the moment, but the fact that GameSpot mixes Halo with a non-first-person-shooter game–

But wait! Halo not always being an FPS 100% of the time? Oh the humanity! My God, that’s almost as sacrilegious as the Master Chief not always being the main character! Scrw u 343 u r ruining heylo zOmg bring back bungie plz

–most certainly suggests a hint at Halo Wars 2. And this isn’t even the first time, either. Phil Spencer, current head of Microsofts Xbox Division, expressed interest in creating a Halo Wars 2 in an interview (and this is actually true):

“[Halo Wars is] something I’m very interested in. Bonnie [Ross] and I talk about it quite a Bit. I think Halo Wars falls in the shadow of the Halo FPS. I mean, you’re doing 10 or 12 million units of the Halo FPS, anything else that comes out Halo that doesn’t hit those numbers, it’s kind of easy for certain people to look at it and say, ‘Well, that didn’t work.’ And I don’t think that’s the right measure of success; I think Halo Wars was a high-quality console-based RTS game. It was fun.

So we’re at two hints now. One from Phil, and another from GameSpot.



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