NEWS: 343 Removes Halo 5’s Ability To Disable Sprint In Favor Of Compromise

If fans were ever disappointed by how Halo 5: Guardians will feature an ability to disable sprinting via Custom Games options, their day of pleasing has come. 343 Industries employ Josh Holmes has officially announced that Halo 5: Guardians will NOT feature the ability to toggle off sprint, and will instead feature a compromise between sprinting and not sprinting. When asked what this compromise would be, Holmes made an additional statement:

A compromise unlike anything logic has ever seen before. Basically, if you don’t want sprinting to be allowed in a gamemode, simply ask players not to sprint. Should they not listen, follow up by asking them to remove the sprint button from their controller. It’s that simple.

If words alone didn’t nail the hammer into the head (yes, nail the hammer), the fan response most certainly suggest that this is a tremendously well-received idea. On r/Halo, users have (in a unisonous chorus) explained how much they love their hatred of 343, and on Halo Waypoint, moderators have began banning people who support 343 on the forums. All and around the community, it truly is a great day to be a Halo fan.

Faith in Halo 5 has been restored!


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