THEORY: Was The Rookie Actually Cadmon Lasky?

Although he died in Halo: New Blood, the fans of Halo will never forget the Rookie—he who’s actions spoke louder than his zero words, and he who was the main protagonist of Destiny‘s first trailer Halo 3: ODST. His symbolic immortality, however, may allude the survival of another deceased and heroic character. As many will remember from Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, the now-Captain Thomas Lasky had his older brother, Cadmon Lasky, as his only role model and closest friend during his service at the Corbulo Academy of Military Science. Much to Thomas Lasky’s dismay (which was only the beginning of the depressing as Mantle shit he would undergo in Forward Unto Dawn), unfortunately, Cadmon would be killed by insurrectionist forces whilst deployed to the UEG colony of Arcadia.

However, Cadmon may not be dead. In fact, could it be that Cadmon Lasky actually became…………the Rookie?

Let’s look at Cadmon’s death. Although the only details we know are from a brief transmission from Lasky’s mother (which showed that their mother gave absolutely zero shits about them in terms of family), the most striking fact is that no remains could be recovered from Cadmon’s death. That means there was no body. And as the rule of fiction goes…

If thur ain’t no body, thur ain’t no death.

Now, let’s look at the Rookie. Throughout the course of Halo 3: ODST, we never see his face, nor do we hear his voice (aside from the occasional grunt from falling or being shot). We also never learn his name, even in the other media he appears in. For whatever reason, he’s completely anonymous. That being said, unintelligently assuming that Cadmon did not die in Forward Unto Dawn, and further unintelligently assuming that every action does not have an equal and opposite reaction, it may very well be that the Rookie’s true identity is Captain Thomas Lasky’s ‘deceased’ brother.

Halo: The Walking Cadmon = confirmedz


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