NEWS: Halo Online To Recieve Campaign Starring Putin As Master Chief

Russian gamers rejoice! Just last night, Saber Interactive (long-time partner of 343 Industries) announced that the insanely popular Halo Online will be receiving a fully fledged CAMPAIGN mode. The campaign will include a total of twenty hours of gameplay, and featuring Vladimir-117—formally known as Vladimir Putin—as the main protagonist.

Here’s the official summary:

The year is 2552. Humanity is outmatched, facing a relentless hegemony of bears and hedgehogs known as the Covenant. However, one final hope remains for mankind. Called the Master Chief on the streets, and Vladimir Putin in the sheets, he is the greatest and last hero for the human race. And he is all that stands between survival, and annihilation. This is his story. This is Halo Online.

As of now, with the project still shrouded in mystery and shadows, we have little other details. Stay tuned for more news and updates relating to the Russian and Antarctican exclusive, inbred combination between Halo 3 and 4, masterfully crafted Halo Online!



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