THEORY: Is Noble Six’s Helmet A Precursor?

Halo: Reach, Bungie’s final run on the Halo franchise, ended on a haunting and tragic note in the campaign mode. Not only was literally every shred of preexisting canon relating to planet Reach magnificently ass-fucked by contradiction after contradiction, but the main protagonist, Noble Six, died a brutal death at the end of the game. However, even after his demise, even after the glassing, a part of him lived on. Halsey, in the epilogue, mentioned his courage. But this is not his courage.

This is his helmet.

And this does not make any sense. Go back and see the epilogue of the game. As a relatively good song plays, Halsey makes an inspiring speech to lift the heart of the player:

Our victory – your victory – was so close… I wish you could have lived to see it. But you belong to Reach. Your body, your armor – all burned and turned to glass. Everything…except your courage. That, you gave to us. And with it, we can rebuild.

“Your body, your armor.”

WAIT. Something’s not right. Why are you saying my body and my armor was all “burnt and turned to glass” if I CAN SEE MY HELMET RIGHT FUCKING THERE? Why Halsey, WHY? #BlameBungieNotHalsey2.5k52

Well, the answer could be because Noble Six’s helmet was actually a Precursor.

Precursors, as we know, were the god-like beings responsible for the creation of all life in the universe as we know it. They had existed for one hundred billion years, and inhabited countless galaxies. However, ten million years ago, they met an ironic downfall. Who we know as Forerunners rose up against the Precursors after being deemed unworthy of the Mantle of Responsibility. The Forerunners did all that they could to wipe out the Precursors, but some escaped. Here’s an excerpt about the Forerunner’s campaign from Halo: Silent Iridium:

A few were spared. Some adopted new strategies for survival; they went dormant. Others became dust that could regenerate our past forms; time rendered this dust defective. It brought only disease and misery; but that was good, we saw the misery and found it good.

We know that the ones who “became dust” ended up becoming the Flood. However, what happened to the ones who “went dormant?” Their fates remain a mystery. And Noble Six’s helmet may be the key to that mystery. Here’s why:

Something incredible about Precursor technology was that it was nearly indestructible. It could survive being cycled through plate tectonics over millions of years, and could withstand full barrages of military might. In fact, the only thing that could harm it was the Halo Array. Look at how that compares to Noble Six’s helmet. After Noble Six threw it off, the helmet fell to the ground due to gravity. Noble Six got noscoped (actually stabbed) by an Elite Zealot, and the planet would be glassed shortly afterwards. However, after the glassing, the helmet was still in tact. It was actually exactly how it was left from when Noble Six threw it off.

This does not make sense. Glassing produces a material called Lechatelierite, which is also produced by lightning strikes. Lightning reaches a temperature of 53,540 degrees Fahrenheit; the melting point of titanium (the material that Noble Six’s helmet is made from) is 3,034°F. Noble Six’s helmet should have been (as Halsey said) “burned and turned to glass.” It was not.

The only way Noble Six’s helmet could have remained through the glassing, completely unscathed like how it did, is if it became a Precursor when Noble Six threw it off.

Way to go out with a bang, Bungie!


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