THEORY: Could DecepticonCobra Be Cortana?

DecepticonCobra is one of the most well-known Halo community members, and the third individual to reach the illusive Spartan – Onyx rank on the Halo Waypoint forums. Likewise, DecepticonCobra is renowned for writing popular fan fictions, and for not getting banned from Waypoint after over three years of existence there (an incredible feat).

However, DecepticonCobra has a more infamous trait. And that is his reputation of traveling through forum after forum and shooting down Cortana resurrection thread after Cortana resurrection thread with ruthlessly fierce determination. The following tweet by Cobra makes this abundantly clear:

With that, one lingering question remains. And that is why, just why, would this DecepticonCobra fellow ravage every Cortana thread in sight? Why, just why, can’t DecepticonCobra let Cortana threads run untainted by knowledge of Cortana’s confirmed (multiple times) death?

In a world like this, nothing can be certain. However, evidence suggests that the reasoning for this passionate devotion to swatting Cortana theories like flies could be because DecepticonCobra is Cortana. Let’s look at the evidence:

  • DecepticonCobra sports a Catherine Halsey avatar; Cortana was created from a clone of Catherine Halsey’s brain.
  • DecepticonCobra changed his gamertag (which is a crime beyond redemption and must be undone immediately) to I Halsey I; Cortana is literally another incarnation of Halsey
  • The latter half of DecepticonCobra’s name, Cobra, starts with a “Co” and ends with an “a”; Cortana starts with a “Co” and ends with an “a”

With the evidence compiled, let’s look at the motive. If DecepticonCobra is Cortana, why would Cobratana be so insistent on denying theories suggesting Cortana’s survival? Well, Frank O’Connor has likewise been insistent on Cortana being dead as well—as have literally all members of 343. If Cobra is Cortana, then Cobra making every attempt possible to uphold the will of 343 and insist that Cortana is dead at every opportunity would most certainly be an effective way to distract people from his true identity!

DecepticonCobra = Cortana. It’s certain now.

HaloSwallower has once again exposed a hidden truth


2 responses to “THEORY: Could DecepticonCobra Be Cortana?

  1. Reason DeceptionCobra isn’t banned is because he is friends with moderators, when they see him breaking rules they look the other way biasly. Also being a high rank on waypoint lets him dodge the rules, just like how wealthy people can evade certain laws.

    Don’t take this personally Deception Cobra, this isn’t an insult to you, It is an insult to Waypoint’s shitty moderation system. Waypoint is a corrupt society.


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