THEORY: Did Johnson Survive Halo 3 Due To His Cigar?

If there’s one thing fans can say for certain about Halo‘s least stereotype-oriented character (lol nah), Seargant Major Avery J. Johnson, it’s that he bloody rocks that cigar. Like, he puts the entire population of Cuba (Cuba) to shame. Every level, every mission, every game that includes him features him bearing the mantle of cigars with such casual swagger. As Franklin Mendez said, “It’s inspiring.”

That being said, the sheer carcinogenic badassness of those cigars may hold more than just defying the odds and allowing Johnson to beset Cuba at their own game. Johnson’s cigar may have actually allowed him to miraculously survive the destruction of Installation 04, and then become the IsoDidact. This is because of how tobacco products possess the ability to utterly destroy the human body. As we know, Johnson had been killed by 343 Guilty Spark’s laser quickscope beam. However, the aftereffect of his latest cigar had an inverse impact on his corpse, causing him to slowly regain life rather than dying a horrible death that somehow still doesn’t expose the sheer corruption of the tobacco industry. As for why he later became the IsoDidact after resurrecting himself, rumors suggest that Johnson’s cigar housed a composed personality of the IsoDidact himself; like a Durance. Thus, when Johnson smoked that cigar throughout his career, he slowly inhaled the essence of the IsoDidact in addition to rocket fuel, poison, more poison, even more poison, and second-hand smoke. For a lack of a better explanation, when the cigar resurrected Johnson, the IsoDidact’s conscious more or less took over.

Johnson’s cigar game was on point


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