NEWS: Illustrators For Halo: Escalation Win International Art Award

Throughout history, mankind has bore witness to individuals of godly artistic valor. From the caveman from cavern walls, or Leonardo DaVinci, we’ve all shuddered at one’s ability to drag an object against a surface in ways far better than ourselves. And just recently, the Halo franchise has acquired the honor of being touched by the latest eternal artist to tread the earth.

That is because the entire art team for Halo: Escalation, have won the Chesley Award For Beat Interior Illustration at the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention. Escalation‘s visual team refused to comment on their achievement, but a spokesperson from the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists themselves explained why they handed out the award to who they did.

With all these contestants, finding the winner for the best interior illustrator was obviously a greatly challenging gamble. We wanted to award both talent and integrity, and both of those can be rather subjective terms…giving this to the wrong artist could anger our followers, and nothing terrifies us more. However, in the end, we chose the diligent artists at 343 Indistries not because of their exceptional talent that puts Pablo Picasso to shame, but because of their consistent dedication to making absolutely no artistic improvement whatsoever. That is what we call integrity; knowing that your shitty ass artwork sucks, but staying strong and not making any attempts to change it throughout almost two years of monthly issues.

HaloSwallower proceeded to ask the ASFFA what, in particular they liked most about Escalation‘s “top zenith” artwork. Their response was not surprising:

That’s a lot like choosing a favorite child, you know that? Well, it narrowed down to two things: one, we loved how illustrations would become inhumanly lacking in detail during random slides, and two, we especially loved how nine of out every ten drawings of female characters had their mouths in a slightly-parted lip pucker.

Halo: Escalation has entered its eight and final arc, with issue #20 releasing July 29, 2015. It is currently being written by writer Duffy Boudreau, and has major ties to Halo 5: Guardians.

Put your Mona where your mouth is


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