THEORY: Is GrimBrother One A Precursor?

Jeff Easterling, more commonly named GrimBrother One, served as a moderator on the Halo Waypoint forums and is now one of the newest members of 343 Industries’s narrative team. However, even though Grim is the supreme willer of Canon Fodder, and easily a master of puns, he may not be the Washington state human we know him as…GrimBrother One may actually be a Precursor.

Let’s look at a comparison between a fan-made portrait of the Primordial (the last Precursor) and a glorious selfie of Grim himself:

You’ll note that the expression on Grim’s face is extravagantly similar (in neurophysiological ways) to that of the Primordial. You’ll also likewise note that the spine emerging from the back of the Primordial’s well-chiseled head is strikingly reminiscent of Grim’s stunning hairdo in how Grim’s hair almost is spiky at the top…just like the Primordial’s spine.

Moving on from mere visual similarities, try comparing Grim’s career to the Primordial’s career. Grim started out as a moderator for Halo Waypoint, and then ascended to a writer at 343. Likewise, the Primordial started out as a regular Precursor, and then became an infinitely more powerful Gravemind. Both godly individuals ended up becoming far greater versions of their previous selves.

Grim is the last of those who gave you breath and form, millions of years ago.


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