THEORY: Does Linda Need Eye Exams?

It may seem like an ironic turn of events, considering that she’s literally and most legitimately the best sniper in human history, but evidence from her appearance in Halo 5: Guardians suggests that Linda-058—member of Blue Team and a life-long friend of the Master Chief—may actually need to visit an eye doctor.

Let’s look at her armor.

As you can see, she is covered in scopes. Like, they’re literally everywhere. Several on her helmet, even some on her freaking shoulder. Why could this be? Why does one need to mount a ton of damn scopes on their armor when their weapon smart-links their sniper to their head’s up display? The answer could be, after over 30 years in combat, Linda’s eyes are finally starting to lose their edge. Thus, to make up for that, she has been upgrading her armor to include literally every type of scope in service for the UNSC.

Linda should really visit the eye doctor.


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