THEORY: Is Locke Actually Shaquille O’Neil?

With over eight main, primary characters, Halo 5: Guardians features the largest cast of any Halo game to date. Among those eight characters, Spartan Locke—leader of Fireteam Osiris and designated hunter of the Master Chief—may not be who he seems. As of now, we know him as Commander Jameson Locke from Halo: Nightfall—the man who survived hordes of Thanolekgolo (aka tentacle hentai), low oxygen, boiling temperatures, and a team of traitors to destroy a world home to an element fatal to humans. However, who we now know Spartan Locke may actually instead be the one and only, the legendary Basketball player, Shaquille O’Neil.

Let’s look at the evidence:

  • Locke and Shaq have donned identical facial hair at some points during their careers.
  • Locke hunts down the Master Chief across the galaxy, Shaq hunts down the basketball across the court
  • Locke has a polished bald head, as does Shaq.
  • The way Locke destroyed a piece of a Halo ring is a lot like how Shaq utterly shatters the hoop through his slam dunks

Now, let’s look at how Shaquille could have became Sprtan Locke. In 2011, O’Neil retired from the NBA after a 19-year career where he played for the Orlando Magic, LA Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Boston Celtics. However, after his retiring, where did he go?

Maybe he was transferred to the Halo universe. Maybe he went there, and used his legendary basketball skills and magical abilities (which he acquired from playing for Orlando Magic) to switch bodies with the real Jameson Locke. Thus, who we think is the legendary man hunter, is actually the legend of legends in basketball.

Why shoot Covies when you can shoot hoops?


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