THEORY: Will Halsey Become Jul’s Next Waifu?

Part of the main reason that Jul wishes to destroy humans in the first place is because during the Sangheili Civil War, when the Servants of the Abiding Truth attacked Thel ‘Vadam’s keep, Jul’s Waifu—Raia ‘Mdama—was tragically killed during the battle as a result of human forces. Jul would be heartbroken upon learning of this, and his hatred for humans would only erect further. In his next four years, Jul would spend three years worshipping a giant fucking metal space ball, and would then witness the awakening of the Didact, and then would then blow up that giant metal space ball. However, in the time between the awakening of the Didact and the destruction of the giant metal space ball, Jul would allow a human—Dr Catherine Halsey—into his service.

And this allowance of a seeming enemy into his service may change his character forever.

There’s a dynamic between Jul ‘Mdama and Catherine Halsey. They’ve both been severely mistreated by the UNSC; Halsey was scapegoated and shamed, and Jul was imprisoned and experimented on. Likewise, just like how Jul lost his Waifu, Raia ‘Mdama, Halsey lost her Husbando, Jacob Keyes. Furthermore, in regards to children, both Jul and Halsey are distant from their’s; hell, Jul’s son isn’t even aware of who his real father is. But the parallels in regards to children go further than that—Halsey’s daughter, Miranda Keyes, joined the UNSC military rather than being with her mother, and Jul’s son, Dural ‘Mdama, joined the Servants of the Abiding Truth rather than being with his (dead) mother. Either way, Jul and Halsey are very similar individuals.

And it’s because of their similarity that Jul and Halsey (or Julsey, or JulxHalsey), are Halo‘s newest OTP (one true pair). Thus, their partnership in Escalation and Spartan Ops may very well lead to some proper, humanxSangheili shipping. It is their destiny.

Always honor your Waifu.


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