NEWS: Hunt The Truth To Return As A Live Action Anime

If you thought that Ben Guirad’s (or whoever the hell you spell it) public shaming and Petra’s action-packed eulogy was the end of Hunt The Truth, you’ve made a grave mistake. That is because in two days, on Friday, July 10 at San Diego Comic Con, 343 Industries announced that the Halo TV series (produced by Steven Spielberg) will actually be both the next chapter of Hunt The Truth, and a live action ANIME series!

Three days from today, HaloSwallower was able to arrange a full-blown interview with 343’s Frank O’Connor, and Spielberg himself on the matter. Although we cannot provide (and this was on request of Saint Spielberg himself) a full transcript of the interview, here’s some key details we received. We’ll start with Spielberg’s decision to make Hunt The Truth a live action anime series.

HaloSwallower: “So, Mr Spielberg, how does one even make live action anime?”

Steven Spielberg: “That’s a good question. You know, I’ve always been about changing the industry; doing something new, something unique. Being an avid Halo fan, and secretly an enormous Weeb, I’ve always wanted to put those two interests of mine to work. Microsoft and 343 Industries gave me the perfect opportunity to make new, and I’ve decided to change the industry yet again by proving to the world that live action anime can exist. Anything is possible.”

HaloSwallower: “Alright…that didn’t really answer our question. How can you make live action anime if anime is animated?”

Steven Spielberg: “Go see Jurassic World already, dammit!”

Unfortunately, that’s all we can share. However, Hunt The Truth: Quest Of Otakupetra will premiere on September 6, 2015, at 9:00PM EST (and only for gamers in Russia).

The Hunt Continues…For Weebs


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