THEORY: Is the Ur-Didact Prince Charming?

He was the main antagonist in Halo 4. He was the archetypal Sage in Halo: Cryptum. He was a mustache-twirling, terribly written pathetic excuse of a character and an insult to his previous appearances in Halo: Escalation. He underwent a tragic and compelling downfall in Halo: Silentium. And he was the Ur-Didact.

However, he could be even more than that. It could be, based off the incoming set of evidence, that the Ur-Didact is actually Prince Charming. Here’s why:

Evidence to suggest the Ur-Didact is Prince Charming

  • He’s a fucking sexy beast. Like daayum boi dose fangs. Prince Charming is also a fucking sexy beast.
  • “Ur-Didact” has three syllables…just like “Prince Charming.”
  • The enemies of both the Ur-Didact and Prince Charming were green; the Ur-Didact opposing the Master Chief (who wears green armor), and with Prince Charming vowing war against Shrek (a big, green ogre)
  • The Ur-Didact uses a constraint field to captivate foes, while Prince Charming uses his gaping looks and goldspun hair to likewise enthrall enemies
  • Zeymahi lost ont du’ul Bormahu

But wait! If the Ur-Didact is Primce Charming, could the Librarian be Fairy Godmother?¿?


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