NEWS: Olympia Vale Involved In First Inter-Species Relationship

This just in with controversially controversial news regarding the romantic events of the galaxy! Last Monday, Olympia Vale (stars as Spartan Olympia Vale in Halo 5: Guardians and Olympia Vale in Halo: Hunters In The Dark) has been spotted engaging in a flirtatious conversation with a Sangheili warrior serving under the Swords of Sanghelios. However, earlier today, what started out as a mere game of flirts has became a full-blown relationship, with Vale changing her relationship status on Visorbook from “Single” to “In a relationship with Usze ‘Taham.”

HaloSwallower has reached out to both Vale and ‘Taham, but none of them have responded thus far. However, HaloSwallower has interviewed a number of faces from across joint-occupied space to hear their thoughts on this shocking evolution of the galaxy.

Margaret Parangosky

It is this kind of atrocity that is making me humbly regret passing my torch—the torch that I earned through the tears of uncountable crying orphans—to Serin Osman. She did nothing while this happened! I should have never retired from CINCONI!

Vasily Beloi

God dammit, this is because of Halsey. That self-righteous, contemptuous bitch is the reason Vale believes she can undermine traditional human values such as hatred and xenophobia with impunity. I should march over to Song of Retribution and put a cap in her, while ignoring Jul, myself!

The Primordial

This human, Vale, represents proof that humans may repent the crimes of the Forerunners. But she is the minority, and their reckoning is at hand. #ThugLife #2Precursor4U

N’tho ‘Sraom

Hehe I shipped them.

Sapien Sunrise (appears as Sapien Sunrise in Halo: Hunt The Truth) members have been spotted amassing for combat across the outer colonies. Joint operations between the United Nations Space Command and the Swords of Sanghelios have stated that they are “Prepared to deal with violence [from Sapien Sunrise] effectively and without mercy.”


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