NEWS: Warden Eternal Arrested At Statue Of Liberty

This just in, the Warden Eternal (plays Warden Eternal in Halo 5: Guardians) has been spotted being arrested by security guards at New York City’s Statue of Liberty. Eyewitnesses say that Warden Eternal, during the Fourth Of July celebration on Liberty Island, was being very loud and obnoxious by constantly yelling “YOUR PASSAGE IS DENIED” to overpower the sound of the fireworks. When a security guard asked him to “Enjoy the show like a normal human,” the event became physical; Warden Eternal unsheathed his bigass sword and grabbed the security guard with a constraint field. However, before Warden Eternal could make any further moves, he was surrounded by police, dog piled to the ground, and handcuffed.

Warden Eternal currently faces charges for assault with a deadly weapon, disturbing the peace, and being in the wrong damn universe.


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