NEWS: Spartan Laser Cut From Halo 5 Due To Health Risk

It turns out that splitscreen and playable Elites aren’t the only expected feature that have been cut from Halo 5: Guardians. The Spartan Laser, an iconic UNSC power weapon that’s been loyal to fans since Halo 3, has recently been confirmed by 343 Industries to be also removed from the game. In response to heavy backlash, Josh Holmes, Executive Producer for Halo 5, has provided reasoning on the matter.

The last thing we had wanted to do was cut corners by cutting weapons, especially ones as iconic as the Spartan Laser. However, we cared more about fan health than we did about fan nostalgia…and the Spartan Laser provides serious health risk to fans with its dangerous laser radiation. Halo 4’s Spartan Laser had a “DO NOT SHINE IN REMAINING EYE” label on it, but we couldn’t add that into Halo 5 due to the composed essence of the Didact being pissed at Brian Reed for erasing his immunity to the composer. Our only option, to prevent the risk of fans being blinded when shining the laser in their eyes, was to remove the weapon from the game.

Despite Holmes’s clarification, however, fans are not yet satisfied…and Holmes has likewise not relented. When a forum user on Halo Waypoint expressed further unhappiness on the matter, Holmes responded with “Hey, at least we didn’t remove something as iconic as the Plasma Rifle.”

Twitter has also felt it’s servers crash with the #Halo5spartanlaser hashtag going rampant being comprehension. In just three hours, it has became a top trend. At the same time, Facebook has further dwindled in popularity due to users abandoning their accounts in favor of rescuing the distressed Spartan Laser. Here are some of the most popular tweets in the hashtag:

@LordOfBeamish What will those scoundrels remove next? The shine of Frankie’s bald head??? #Halo5spartanlaser

@SpartanLaserWanted I’d rather see campaign removed than the Splaser! How else can I destroy the Mantis without spawning with Plasma Grenades and a Plasma Pistol? #Halo5spartanlaser

@bengvr3 Blargh! #Halo5spartanlaser

The days ahead reek of darkness


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