THEORY: Jorge-052 Became the Tower Turrets On Sandbox

Ironically, the first fatality in Halo: Reach (often known as Bungie’s magnum opus for its abundance of shallow characters and gaping plot holes) was the largest Spartan on NOBLE Team: Jorge-052. He took the ultimate sacrifice, detonating a slipspace bomb, thus giving away his life in a hopeless attempt to save his life-long planet from the Covenant Supercarrier that attacked it. Sadly, despite his noble (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH PUN) sacrifice, the Fleet of Retribution (led by Thel ‘Vadam) would arrive at Reach, and eventually win a ship-to-ship battle with the UNSC (which Bungie pretended was nonexistent in the game) before glassing the planet. Now, before we meander off into a summary of the events of the Halo trilogy, and into the Divine Beyond afterwards, let’s go back to Jorge.

What happened to him?

Off first glance, we’d assume that he died; vaporized (along with 75% of the Supercarrier) by the slipspace bomb’s detonation. However, slipspace bombs are actually portals…they lead somewhere. It could be that the slipspace bomb, instead of destroying Jorge, teleported him somewhere else. And his destination may have been in one of the most reverred Forge maps in Halo history…Jorge became the giant fucking towers of death surrounding Sandbox.

Now, why the giant fucking towers of death at Sandbox? Go back to how we stated that Sandbox was one of the greatest Forge maps throughout all of the franchise. Sandbox was a terrific Forge map, and Forge rhymes with Jorge. Furthermore, when the giant towers blast the living shit out of you with giant yellow laser beams, it’s a lot like how Jorge blasted the living shit out of Covies with his badass turret. It’s evidently clear that there’s a connection between NOBLE Team’s only Spartan II, and the greatest menace within Halo 3‘s multiplayer.

At this point, the next question is where and how Jorge relates to the towers. Is he part of them, or is he just manning them? The chances are, based off how the slipspace bomb presumably doesn’t possess any sublimation technology, that Jorge is simply controlling the towers. We can safely assume, based of how he’s not present on the surface of the map, that he’s hiding in the Crypt.

Jorge should really get some sunlight.


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