THEORY: Is Warden Eternal A Resurrection Of Johnson?

Recently, 343 Industries indirectly rejected HaloSwallower’s recent theory stating that the Guardians were controlled by a composed essence of Johnson. However, what wasn’t denied was a more haunting possibility…that Johnson instead became the Warden Eternal. Let’s look at the evidence suggesting such.

Evidence suggesting a connection between Warden Eternal and Avery Johnson

  • Warden Eternal kinda sounds like Johnson
  • Warden Eternal carries a bigass sword, like how Emile-A239 carries a bigass knife. Emile and Johnson are similar.
  • Warden Eternal rejects Locke’s passage, but allows Chief’s. Chief and Johnson were close friends throughout their careers.

Now, all of that being said, let’s go back to how Johnson could have been recovered following his alleged demise in Installation 04b’s control room. As we said in our previous theory, the Halo array runs off neuralphysics—the exact technology used by Precursors (though it instead destroys existing neuralphysics). However, with Installation 04b being incomplete, firing the ring could have had more unintended consequences other than tearing the ring’s superstructure to pieces. Because an incomplete Halo ring could, instead of destroying neuralphysical technology (such as Precursor artifacts), actually rebuild neuralphysical technology. That means when Chief fired Installation 04b, he inadvertently rebuilt the Domain, and likewise uploaded Johnson’s concious into it…which manifested into Warden Eternal.

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