THEORY: Is Locke Chief’s Adopted Brother?

Halo 5: Guardians features two lead protagonists. One is the legendary Master Chief, and the other is Spartan Jameson Locke. As we’ve learned, Locke and Chief’s relationship in Halo 5 involves Chief and his team of Spartan II’s (Blue Team) going AWOL, with Locke and his team of Spartan IV’s (Fireteam Osiris) being sent by the UNSC to hunt them down. However, the ties between Locke and Chief may have roots set far deeper into the soil than a mere game between a predator and it’s dangerous prey. Based of a vast compliance of evidence, Locke and Chief may actually be adopted brothers. HaloSwallower will now explain why:

For basic trainees, let’s start with the allusion connection. Taking a spin off John and Locke’s name, we are set right at the feet of philosopher John Locke. John Locke, often called the ‘Father of the Enlightenment,’ deeply questioned his society during his time. He wasn’t afraid to speak out, and his words caused a new dawn of social change for the human race. John Locke also held a belief that humans began their lives as a blank slate, rather than having any form of assigned destiny. Compare John Locke to John-117, the latter of whom is also question the society he fights for (you know, going AWOL), and is also moving past his role in previous games as a ‘blank slate,’ he very much parallels with John Locke. If Jameson Locke was adopted by John-117’s parents out of grief for their lost son, thus giving Jameson the surname of ‘Locke,’ Locke being John’s actual surname would be a rather meaningful underlying allusion. Halo is always made richer with parallels to the real world.

Anyway, there are some complications. For one, Jameson Locke was born in 2529 on Jericho IV, just a year before John’s homeworld (and where his parents lived), Eridanus II, was glassed. The chances are that John’s parents were killed. However, Locke could have used a time machine to travel back in time until only a few or so years after John was kidnapped, and then would be adopted by John’s parents. Time travel has existed in the Halo universe before, being demonstrated in Halo 2‘s ilovebees ARG included UNSC AI Melissa sending one of her fragments back in time to 2004. Locke would then spend his childhood on Eridanus II, and then join the military, and then become the badass Spartan he is now.

And ultimately, he’d be assigned the role to hunt down someone who is unknowingly his foster brother—a fact with which nether of them are aware. The revelation of such would both shake up the fan’s understanding of Halo by revealing the Chief’s surname (and having a cliched af plot), and would definitely shatter Locke’s loyalty to ONI.



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