NEWS: Splitscreen to Be Added Into Halo 5 “Later Down the Road”

It’s certain that things are not improving for gamers that revere to Halo‘s splitscreen mode. Halo 4 witnessed persistent framerate drops while splitscreening on Forged maps (usually from the usual 30 fps down to 18fps), and Halo 2: Anniversary recieved 75% framerate drops across the board. After long last, many fans hoped secretly that this fall’s Halo 5: Guardians would witness a restoration for the splitscreen function; after all, Halo 5 is said to be built from the ground up for the Xbox One, and definitely not liable to the challenges of porting older software to new hardware. Unforetunately for those folks, a tweet in December by Halo 5‘s executive producer, Josh Holmes, revealed that splitscreen would only feature up to two players at launch. This recieved heavy backlash. And that backlash swelled to firebreathing when Microsoft finally came out, only a few days ago, and said that splitscreen had been removed entirely from the game.

Among that firing were two swollen threads on the Halo Waypoint forums, and the apparently trending #Halo5splitscreen on Twitter. Luckily, the head honchoes behind Halo 5: Guardians have not let those chanting locusts go unheard. Just in, Josh Holmes has said the following on the official forums for Call of Duty:

We’re humbly excited to announce that splitscreen will indeed be appearing in Halo 5! It will be added in a 500 gigabyte title update in February, 2016, and exclusively for Windows 10 gamers in the US states of Wyoming, Alaska, and North Dakota.

However, in even lieu of the exciting news, a forum user named XxToadTurkeyMLGxX asked Holmes the following:

Does this mean there’ll be a PC port for Guardians?

Holmes did not respond to the post. However, he did have his cat change all of his passwords for him, thus preventing him from ever responding. It is unclear when the update will go live, but fans are already feeling the relief just hours after the bombshell.



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