NEWS: Bungie Expresses Desire to Protect Halo Fans from Expanded Lore

In 2010, Bungie Game Studios announced that they’d be leaving the Halo franchise and starting anew as game developers. In the years that followed (though technically they started it in 2002), they developed and released Destiny. However, in 2015, they say they want to come back. As for why, HaloSwallower was granted the honor of interviewing Bungie’s CEO and Founder, Jason Jones.

HaloSwallower: So, after that seemingly ugly falling out with Microsoft, why return to Halo after the immense success of Destiny?

Jason Jones:

You know, that’s a good question. When we started working on Halo, all those years ago, we always had our future fans in mind. Every breath we took, every head we shook, every bead of sweat that trickled down our spines, they were all for the fans. However, lately, we’ve been seeing those same fans—the same fans we birthed into the world—suffering.

HaloSwallower: Suffering? How so?

Jason Jones:

In 343’s first main game, Halo 4, the story was actually good. Worse, the story required fans to pay attention to the lore, and that’s not fair.

HaloSwallower: Wait…how is an actually good story and a need to pay attention to said story “not fair?”

Jason Jones:

Um, because a good story distracts the players from gameplay, and the lore distracts gamers from gameplay, and because yolo.

HaloSwallower: Alrighty then. Anyway, how do you plan to ‘protect’ these fans?

Jason Jones:

Well, when we purchase the Halo franchise from Microsoft for one hundred quadrillion bottles of children’s years, the first thing we’ll do is make sure that Halo 6 will not repeat the mistakes of Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians. That means making sure that the story is as breathtakingly shallow as Destiny, and any expanded lore that does exist is completely separate from the game and not acknowledged whatsoever.

HaloSwallower: Interesting. Well, it’s been a pleasure having you on interview, and we’ll hopefully not see you in Halo 6!

Jason Jones:

Thanks bby, luv ya.



One response to “NEWS: Bungie Expresses Desire to Protect Halo Fans from Expanded Lore

  1. “Making sure the story is as breathtakingly shallow as Destiny” lol brilliant. Love your work, Andycu5!


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