NEWS: Vanguard Games to Add Splitscreen to Halo: Spartan Strike

The last few years have been rather uneasy for so-called ‘couch gamers,’ the vastly populous group that is those who regularly have over two players playing on one console. In Halo 4, splitscreen users suffered framerate drops from the usual 30fps all the way to an average of 18fps, and in Halo 2: Anniversary, the framerate fell by a staggering 70%. However, Halo 5: Guardians has seen the greated downfall: not only has 4 player splitscreen been completely removed from the table, but all player vs enemy gamemodes (campaign and Warzone) have lost splitscreen entirely. In result of this, a storm of backlash has ensued; the Halo Waypoint forums felt the growth of a ‘megathread,’ and the hashtag #Halo5Splitscreen went rampant on Twitter. Luckily, for the disgruntled fans, ‘couch gaming’ has not met it’s end—

—Because in order to make up for the extreme degradation of splitscreen in Halo 5, Vanguard Games, a partner of 343 since 2013, have offered to add fully-functional 4-player splitscreen into the iOS and Windows Phone versions of their game, Halo: Spartan Strike.

When asked about how, exactly splitscreen would work in Spartan Strike, Vanguard’s Managing Director told the HaloSwallower the following:

Aurthor Houtman:

“Well, before I can actually detail what exactly you’ll see when we release the patch for those who buy the Limited Collector’s Edition of Guardians this fall, I should tell you that it wasn’t us nor 343 Industries that gave us the idea. It was aliens. Anyway, splitscreen will have full functionality; no framerate drops, no degraded visuals, and up to four players. It’ll be exactly how you remember the good old days of Combat Evolved.”

Houtman also provided HaloSwallower with an ingame screenshot of the upcoming experience:

Splitscreen will be added to Spartan Strike in its next content update. No release is set, but it will be available exclusively to purchasers of Halo 5‘s Limited Collector’s Edition, and only in Russia.


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