NEWS: 343 Confirms Nelkrons will have a “Pivotal Role” in Halo 5: Guardians

What started out as a brilliantly composed fan theory, has now become a reality. That is because as of two hours ago, 343 Industries writer Jeff Easterling confirmed that the fan-theorized Nelkrons will make an appearance in this fall’s Halo 5: Guardians. Easterling, commonly referred to as Grim BrotherOne, told HaloSwallower all about both what the Nelkrons are, and how they’ll affect the story of the upcoming game.

However, before revealing that, here’s a brief recap of the Nelkron theory itself (taken from its thread on

Nelkron Theory:

“Nelkrons are an ancient enemy of the fore-runners, but were eventually defeated and all trapped inside a giant prison until the halo array fired which freed them.

The nelkrons are biomechanical life forms with the power to convert energy to matter and matter to enercy at will. They are able to mutate into any form they want, but their appearance generally esembles a mechanical humanoid with a birdlike head. Somewhat similar to the myrs from magic the gathering.”

Even though all evidence of the theory was denied, Halo‘s Lead Writer, Brian Reed, expressed desire to bring the Nelkrons into the story as a way to prove to fans that their voices aren’t being ignored. During HaloSwallower’s interviewing of him, Easterling recalled upon an in-depth conversation with Reed upon the matter:

Jeff Easterling:

When Brian first told me about this, saying “Hey Jeff, did you read the Nelkron theory?” I did not believe he was being serious, at first. However, once he said, “So I’m going to incorporate it into Guardians, as fan service.” I came to realize that it was actually a hilarious idea. But yeah, you’ll see the Nelkrons in 5, and you’ll never forget them.

Easterling also explained that the Nelkrons are behind the complete removal of splitscreen, and the exclusion of playable Elites.

Another important thing Brian felt about the Nelkrons was using them as canonical explanation for the few misgivings Halo 5 offered.

Brian explained to me, “The Nelkrons used both time travel technology and their shape shifting abilities to travel back in time and morph into the forms of the managers of the Halo 5 development team. And then, under disguise, they made sure that splitscreen and playable Sangheili would not be included in the final product.”

Halo 5: Guardians will launch on October 27, 2015, as an Xbox One exclusive. Excited as we are? Discuss on our forever nonexistent forums!


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