NEWS: Karen Traviss to Become Halo’s Next Lead Writer

When Christopher Schlerf left 343 Industries after his work on Halo 4‘s campaign, writer Brian Reed took the helm as 343’s lead writer. However, a streak of fan backlash following the releases of much of Reed’s work (Spartan Ops, Halo: Initiation, and issues 8-10 of Halo: Escalation), 343 Industries has once again sought a new writer to lead their narrative team. And they’ve found their solution:

Renowned for her groundbreaking work in her short story Human Weakness (featured in Halo: Evolutions), and her exquisitely written Kilo Five trilogy, Karen Traviss has made an official statement, announcing her new position at 343 Industries as their latest lead writer. HaloSwallower has been given the honor of a one-to-one interview with Traviss, and here it is:

HaloSwallower: “So, Karen, how have you reacted to your new acquisition of the job of lead writer? How are you shouldering this great burden to bear?”

Karen Traviss:

“First of all, call me K-to-the-T. Second of all, I’ll admit that it’s a rather heavy shoulder to burden. I mean, that’s writing about a universe with a millennium of content, all whilst—as per my protocols—not doing any research. It’s my gift; I don’t need to do research, I absorb an intricate understanding of the lore of a universe simply by smoking some dank kush from a joint made of pages of said universe’s books.”

HaloSwallower: “Interesting. Anyway, how do you feel your work in Evolutions and Kilo Five will affect your future work at 343?”

Karen Traviss:

“To this day, I still get positive feedback from Kilo Five. Of course, the critics are bashing me—but they’re being sarcastic and actually complimenting my talent. As for your question, although I can’t remember a bloody thing from Kilo Five or Human Weakness, the moment I roll up a joint from Hunters in the Dark (which I’ll rewrite to have Halsey replace 000 Tragic Solitude), I’ll instantly grow to understand all of it. And if not? I’ll just erase the lore and start from my own. Simple as that.”

HaloSwallower: “Okay, imagine that fans will respond to you the way they responded to Reed. What would you do?”

Karen Traviss:

“Oh, I’m sure they will. And they’re obviously just jealous of my swagger. And I’ll promise them not only that their existence in 2015 will be retconned, but that I’ll jab them in the gabber.”

HaloSwallower: “Ah. Well, have a nice day.”

Karen Traviss left the office without another word. HaloSwallower has heard reports of her suddenly letting out an inhuman scream, and then turning into a Ninja Turtle before burning down an orphanage for puppies.


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