NEWS: Fans Infuriated Over Warzone Not Including Playable Precursors


Although Warzone, the newest gamemode revealed for Halo 5: Guardians, has received much attention and hype, it has not existed without complaint. In fact, one particularly controversial detail on Warzone has left many Halo fans seething in a fiery pit of rage: the lack of playable Precursors. HaloSwallower has interviewed a variety of disgruntled fans, and a few anonymous members of 343 Industries, on their own thoughts of the matter:


“First, they insult us by having the threat in Nightfall completely unrelated to Precursors. And now this? 343 is clearly systematically erasing them.”


“Wtf are Precursors.”

Anonymous 343 Employee 01

“Time constraints. Plus, the presence of Precursors seriously compromised graphical fidelity, and put a consistent 60fps experience at dire risk.”

Anonymous 343 Employee 02

“Don’t ask me, I’m a tester.”

HaloSwallower has identified a growing Precursor Rights movement within the Halo fandom. Precursor multiplayer clans have been witnessed banding together, and rapidly creating threads on the Halo Waypoint forums in a blatant attempt to overload the servers. Currently, the moderators at Waypoint are trapped on the imprisonment of vacations and free-time, and have thus been unable to quell the outbreak of anger.


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