THEORY: Why was ONI behind the Battle of Ven III?


After the breathtakingly told story that was The Next 72 Hours wrapped up with its third issue of the arc, the next issues of Halo: Escalation focused on a heroically genocidal coup against a Kig-Yar colony on a world known as Ven III.

The Battle of Ven III began as a result of a troubling incident involving the UNSC Infinity, and a yet never before seen bioweapon appearing within a facility on Ven III’s surface. Upon investigating, the crew of Infinity discovered a fully fledged Kig-Yar colony on the world, and quickly learned that the Kig-Yar had acquired the bioweapon and were planning on selling it. This spelled immediate danger for mankind. To stop that danger, Infinity deployed an extremely small team of two Spartan IV’s, Naiya Ray and Gabriel Thorne, to infiltrate the colony and seize the bioweapon canisters before the Kig-Yar could sell it to whichever denizen would pay. Unfortunately, the deployment resulted in catastrophe. Both Thorne and Ray would lose contact with Infinity, with Thorne being captured by a Sangheili warlord that was presumably working under one of the various Covenant remnant factions inhabiting the known galaxy. The Sangheili then brokered with the Kig-Yar queen, offering to exchange Thorne for the caches of the bioweapon. This prompted immediate action from Infinity. Heavy reinforcements were sent, both Ray and Thorne were recovered, and the colony ended up being completely eradicated from Infinitd gigantic guns…

But there was a twist. The Sangheili warlord ended up actually being an agent working for ONI. In fact, the entire operation was set up by a coup from ONI. ONI developed the bioweapon, had it anonymously given to the Kig-Yar, sent the Sangheili to buy it, and then the UNSC to stop the purchase from happening, all to eliminate the Kig-Yar colony itself.

But why?

Why would ONI want to temporary give a dangerous weapon to Kig-Yar, and then proceed to waste the time of Infinity, on a task as simple as destroying a Kig-Yar colony?

The answer could be a mere factor of intimidation. Even five years after the first Human-Covenant war, the UNSC still has dangerous enemies…and even more dangerous potential enemies. ONI clearly pulled the strings behind the Battle of Ven III to create a situation that perfectly demonstrated the UNSC’s power and effectiveness. Doing so makes it abundantly clear to potential enemies that humans are not to be trifled with, and will respond to threats with brutal effectiveness.

Now, why Kig-Yar? Why not Sangheili, why not Jiralhanae, why not Unggoy for god’s sake?

The reason why ONI chose the Kig-Yar could be because of the fact that the Kig-Yar are avian, and how that relates to the UNSC’s greatest potential threat: the surviving Moas. As we may know, the Moas were native to Reach. Reach was glassed in 2552, as a result of the Hunan-Covenant war…an event that would have never happened if Reach wasn’t colonized by humans. Although most Moa would be slaughtered by the glassing of Reach, a small population survived no thanks to a human businesman transporting them off-world prior to the battle, to run a petting zoo. Unfortunately for these Moa, they would soon be exploited, farmed, and inbred when the fall of Reach made their value in credits skyrocket. Again…this would not have happened had humans not existed.

It can be inferred that if given the opportunity, Moas would not hesitate to seek revenge and finish the job of the original Covenant by wiping out humankind once, and for all. That is why ONI chose the Kig-Yar…

To show the Moa what happens to birds that disobey.


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