THEORY: Could the ‘Guardians’ in Multiplayer be Precursors?

The match starts. You hear the chilling three beeps, and then you spawn. It’s Halo 3, on the brilliantly crafted Snowbound. Two minutes into the match, as you’re leading your team 12-8 against your foe, you grab the shotgun from the cave. And then you’re surrounded. At this point, you have two options:

  • You can try to take on four people at once, and die
  • Or you can wait for reinforcements (and die)

Or, you can run. But only cowards flee from a seemingly even fight. Alas, you run anyway. With the shield door seperaring the ice cave from the forerunner archway that leads outside giving you cover from enemy fire, you walk cumbersomely slowly into the snow. And yet, you’re being followed. By the time you’ve actually made fair distance, the entire enemy team is once again at your tail. Thus, the last thing you can do, to keep the shotgun out of grasp of the other team. is run past the ring of turrets that surround the outer edge of the map. You grip your controller firmly, grit your teeth, feel the tickle of beads of sweat dripping down your cheek and stinging your eyes, and make it past the guns. As they fire globs of plasma in your direction, your corpse drops to its knees, letting out a disproportionately loud wail, and leaving the shotgun well out of the reach of your now distraught foes. The words, “Killed by the Guardians,” dance across your screen as a monument to a Spartan fallen.

But what happened?

How could it be that those guns, even when you have invincibility enabled, actually kill you instantly?

It just so happens that there’s only one way. It’s because the Guardians, whether it’s being blissfully obliterated by an exploding fusion coil, blasted to bits by the tower cannons on Sandbox, being melted to your knees by Snowbound’s turrets, or being blown off your feet by Sandtrap’s landmines, are Precursors. Only a tier-0 species has the ability to create technology capable of killing the invulnerable. Exactly.



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