THEORY: Can Armor Lock Withstand a Glassing Beam?

Some call it a hero, others label it as an atrocity. Seven seconds of invincibility, traded for seven seconds of immobility. It is called Armor Lock, and it may have been the most vital asset ever used by the UNSC…if speculation is to be believed.

This speculation isn’t particularly complicated. It runs off one pillar concept, and then two supporting stones. The pillar falls under how Armor Lock’s ability to grant the player full invincibility—for an extended period of time. Evidently, would this not allow the use of Armor Lock to protect users from the immense power of Covenant glassing beams? An anonymous source says just that:

I truly believe, during a time when negotiations are still going on, that the denial of Armor Lock’s ability to withstand Covenant energy projects is wrong.

HaloSwallor has taken the liberty to contact former Halo writer, Joseph Staten about Armor Lock itself, and it’s integration into the expanded lore.

When developing Halo: Reach, one of our most paramount philosophies was an experience that felt, looked, and sounded consistent. We wanted the player to feel, no matter what part of the product they were using, that they had there boots set on the doomed soils of Reach. A noticeable aspect of that was having almost all maps in all gamemodes appearing in the campaign. However, we took it further. Because of how, lore-wise, Reach is a rather inhospitable world, we needed to make the quality of the story and gameplay reflect that. Thus, we added horrifying features such as Armor Lock, and butchered all canon established in our earlier novel, Halo: The Fall of Reach. We also made sure to have a full cast of boring, static characters.

What do Staten’s words represent for Armor Lock being able withstand glassing beams? Absolutely nothing! However, since Armor Lock grants invincibility in gameplay, we can infer that an individual using Armor Lock will survive a direct hit from the energy projector used by a Covenant capital ship.


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