NEWS: 343 Industries to add sprint into Halo 3 for MCC

After immense fan feedback and heavy demand, 343 Industries has finally given in and decided to add the widely-popular sprint mechanic into Halo 3’s port within Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Frank O’Conner, 343 Industries’ Franchise Director, had much to say on the matter whilst held hostage by heavily armed and dangerous members of the infamous–yet inspiring–casual community:

“We know that the majority of vocal fans love sprint, and we know lots of fans were upset by the launch of our game. So we, as developers, are going to do all that we can to satisfy them. Adding sprint into Halo 3 is just the beginning of that journey.”

The update will go live on Saturday, June 32, 2015. It will also address a variety of glitches, bugs, and more. Ranking will be removed from ALL playlists, being replaced with a paid progression system that involves users paying an increasingly higher amount of money to rank up. Additionally, the update will re-add all of the bugs accidentally removed in the previous updates for the game.


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